Albert Saverys


Bruegelian winter landscape

circa 1920
oil on canvas
110 x 110 cm (43¹/₄ x 43¹/₄ inches)
framed: 132 x 132 cm

signed lower left: Saverijs

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Albert Saverys was one of the younger members of the so-called Second Generation of painters from Latem. At the Academy of Ghent he resisted the efforts of his masters to bracket him too closely in any of the preveailing schools. "Comme jeune artiste indépendant, il rompit d'abord, comme il se doit, avec l'adadémisme néo-romantique mais sans se pencher néanmoins vers l'expressionisme lineaire, en se contentant de la technique impressioniste très appreciée à cette epoque, avec des nuances pointillistes et luministes" (A. Corbet, Albert Saverys, Antwerp, 1950). 
Saverys first developed his mature style with, as Haesaerts says, "un certain divisionisme même à larges coups de brosses". Around 1919-25 Saverys prefered to paint landscapes, mainly snowy winter landscapes, which show a resemblance with Valerius De Saedeleer and sometimes remind us of the hilly landscapes by Brueghel. This painting is a typical example of that period, with subtle colours and clear divisions of planes. 
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Bruegelian winter landscape