Frits Van den Berghe


Hellish ride

Oil on canvas
59 x 47.5 cm (23¹/₄ x 18³/₄ inches)
Framed: 81,5 x 71 cm
Signed lower left: FVBerghe

Signed lower left: FVBerghe

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In the second half of the 1920s, Frits Van den Berghe was inspired by the working methods of Max Ernst and other Parisian surrealists. Via the so-called "écriture automatique" they thought they could exclude all objectivity and give free rein to their own imagination. Van den Berghe was probably never more intuitive than in Hellish ride, a painting that seems to have emerged from the paint mass. Like a spring, browns, greens and ocher colors flow into one, at first glance, shapeless maelstrom. Slowly the gaze gets a grip on the whole and it appears that the painter has painted an amazon sitting on a bull. The composition is based on the ancient Greek story of the supreme god Zeus who kidnaps Europe in the form of a bull. But it immediately becomes clear how Van den Berghe deals freely with the story and places the classical motif in his own world of images and - in the words of Piet Boyens - turns it into a dark hell. Like many of his paintings, Hellish ride once belonged to the collection of Belgian art promoter Walter Schwarzenberg.
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