Frits Van den Berghe



Oil on paper on panel
49,5 x 38 cm
Signed lower right: FVBerghe

Signed lower right: FVBerghe

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Around 1927 Van den Berghe abandons expressionist distortion and now turns inside and gives full priority to the dream. In the work Fetishes the artist paints a colorful procession of four strange creatures with monstrous heads: a black female fetish, a sexless fetish for the fortune, a fetish with a flattened head under a skullcap and a wolfhound fetish for the human pride. The four fetishes sink into the pale mud and stick their crooked fingers at the naked child who also sticks out his hands but does not know in which direction. The whole is painted in chilly metal colors: iron black, rust brown and copper green, after which it has been carefully scraped off. Van den Berghe is out to aggravate his works, to cry what ever speaks, to reveal what was hidden, to open up passionate jobs for the future.
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