Willy De Meester (1944 - )


Willy De Meester was born in Lochristi on December 6th, 1944. He studied sculpting at the KASK (Royal Academy for Fine Arts) in Ghent. He learned the professionalism in that discipline from Albert (Bert) Servaes (1909-1994), pupil of George Minne. He lives and works in Wannegem-Lede (Kruishoutem), Belgium. Willy De Meester regularly travels to the Italian artists' city of Carrara, where he selects his marble and alabaster himself. He perfects himself on the spot, which inspires him for new ideas and formal forms of expression for his work. The sculptural language of De Meester primarily focuses on capturing and emphasizing relationships, going from the embryonic seclusion to the powerless resistance to fears and threats, to the opening of a vitalistic feeling in his female figures. The visual language of Willy De Meester increasingly strives for simplification and expressive emphasis. This conscious choice anchors in its deep conviction that the ethical process of the artwork is inherently connected with aesthetic norms and forms. (Jos Murez)